TV Size Chart – All TV sizes & TV dimensions

The TV size chart has a handy table with every TV size where you can view and compare the diameters. TV screens are more than ever a fixed part of our household and office environment. Select the desired TV size in inches below and view the specifications based on the diagonal in centimeters and inches. View the TV dimensions and formats in inches and centimeters.

The most popular TV sizes are 32″, 43″, 55″, and 65″, and 75″ and 85″ models have steadily increased in popularity in recent years. Modern TVs come in various sizes and forms, so it’s best to do some research upfront: This way, you always make the right choice and buy a TV that fits exactly.

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TV Screen Size Chart

The size of a TV depends on several factors. The below TV Size Chart combines the TV sizes with Diagonal – Diameter in inches & centimeters. To complete it the height and width are added in cm and inches.

TV Size in inch
(Diagonal Size)
TV Diagonal in
TV Screen Size
Width in cm
TV Screen Size
Width in Inches
TV Screen Size
Height in cm
TV Screen Size
Height in inch
15″38,1 cm33,21 cm13.0″18,68 cm7.35″
19″42,26 cm40,06 cm15.75″23,66 cm9.31″
22″55,88 cm48,7 cm19.15″27,4 cm10.78″
26″66,04 cm57,56 cm22.66″32,38 cm12.75″
32″81,28 cm70,84 cm27.9″39,85 cm15.7″
37″93,98 cm81,91 cm32.25″46,07 cm18.1″
40″101,6 cm88,55 cm34.8″49,81 cm19.6″
42″106,68 cm92,98 cm36.6″52,3 cm20.6″
47″119,38 cm104,05 cm40.9″58,53 cm23.0″
50″127 cm110,69 cm43.5″62,26 cm24.5″
55″139,7 cm121,76 cm47.9″68,49 cm26.9″
62″157,48 cm137,26 cm54.0″77,21 cm30.4″
70″177,8 cm154,97 cm61.0″87,17 cm34.3″
TV Screen Size Chart

TV Sizes versus Distance from TV

The distance from the TV to the seat determines the size. As a guideline, you can take that 1 meter is equal to 39 inches. So are you 4 meters away from your TV? Then you need a size of at least 50 inches. Do you watch a lot? Then you can take a larger size.

TV Size in inchesDistance from TV in InchesDistance from TV in Meters
32 inch (81 cm)8.2 feet2,5 meter
40 inch (102 cm)9.0 feet3,1 meter
46 inch (117 cm)11.5 feet3,5 meter
55 inch (140 cm)13.8 feet4,2 meter
TV Size versus Distance from TV

TV Dimensions in cm and inches

Buying a TV is a major expense for many people. You also want the TV to meet all your wishes and requirements. You can easily calculate the correct TV Screen dimension through below TV Size tables. The larger a TV, the better the picture is often, but be careful not to buy too large. The size of a TV screen is always shown in inches. For example, a 40-inch may not seem big, the diameter or diagonal of the screen is 100 centimeters! On the many online shops you can select the number of inches in the menu on the size, then you can read the size in inches or centimeters on the televisions.

TV Size Guide
TV size guide in inches (image by

How to find the perfect TV Screen Size

Finding the right size of a TV depends on

  • TV sizes in centimeters and inches
  • Dimensions of Full HD and 4K quality
  • Advice on viewing distance and diameter