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Give your customers the correct sizing information about your product with Sizegram, product size chart for WooCommerce. Create unlimited charts and display directly to products or categories.

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Create size charts without requiring any html knowledge

Product Size Chart for WooCommerce allows you to show the corresponding values of the product dimensions, height, weight, meters etc. The size guide table allows you to add multiple rows or column and insert your size guide info without requiring any html knowledge.

Multiple size charts

Enable additional size charts so you can display more then one table to your product page.

Increase productivity

With this plugin you can assign single size chart to multiple products or directly assign charts to product categories.

Create unlimited size charts

Create unlimited charts and display directly to products or categories.

Customized styling

Select the look of your size chart by choosing table styles, colors, buttons style, text etc. with easy to use custom fields.

Custom implementation

Decide whether you wanna show the size chart as modal pop up or in a tab.

Experience maximum flexibility

Add/Edit multiple rows on size chart table as per your requirements.

Create your size chart in less than one minute

Create your WooCommerce size chart with Sizegram from scratch in 4 steps.

Installation guide

  • Upload the plugin to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Add chart from “Charts” menu at the left hand side menu bar
  • Manage default setting through Size Chart > settings

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Our story

In 2018 our founder, Thomas, uncovered a crucial gap in the market: the pressing need for accurate sizing information. By pioneering the creation of detailed size charts and personalized sizing advice, he quickly established himself as a leading authority in the complex domain of sizing. His expertise and dedication have revolutionized the way we approach the challenge of selecting the right size, making it a smooth and effortless process.

This groundbreaking insight led to the birth of Sizegram. Sizegram is designed to deliver precise size guidance precisely when it’s most needed—right at the moment potential buyers are ready to make a purchase. By effectively bridging the gap between detailed product size information and the decision to buy, Sizegram not only enhances conversion rates for e-commerce businesses but also ensures that shoppers can confidently purchase their desired items with ease.