Average hand size in inch and cm for male, female and kids

Hand sizes vary from one person to another. Men tend to have larger hand sizes than women. Data has it that an adult male has an average hand Length of 7.6inches/19.30cm while an adult female has an average hand length of 6.8inches/17.27cm. 

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Average hand size for males and females

AVERAGE SIZEMales (in/cm)Females
average length7.6/ 19.316.8/ 17.272
average breadth3.5/ 8.893.1/ 7.87
average circumference8.6/ 21.847.0/ 17.78

Average hand size for kids

Girl6 years old4.4-5.7 (11.18-14.48)2.0-2.7 (5.08-6.858)
 11 years old5.6-7.0 (14.22-17.78)2.0-3.1 (5.08-7.87)
Boys6 years old4.6-5.7 (11.68-14.49)2.1-2.6 (5.33-6.60)
 11 years old5.5-6.8 (13.97-17.27)2.0-3.1 (5.09-7.87)

How to measure your average hand size

There are several factors to measure if you want to have a big picture of the actual size of your hand. Measure the handspan of your hand would only give you an idea. Handspan of size works best for sports people. For fashion enthusiasts and people trying to select a glove to keep warm, this handspan measurement limits the possibility of finding their perfect size.

There is a simple way to measure the size of your hand in the comfort of your home without stress or consulting an expert. all you need to get this done is a tape measure or a standard ruler. Below is a guide on how to measure your hand size:

  • Length: From the top of the middle finger to the bottom of the palm.
  • Breadth: The widest part where the fingers connect to the palm.
  • Circumference: Around the fullest part of the hand around the knuckles but excluding the thumb.