Mexico size to us clothing kids

For your convenience, we have put together a variety of Mexican Kids’ Size Conversion Charts for Clothing and Children’s Size Mexico US. Check out these helpful size chart for purchasing children’s clothing and be ready for the process to become less stressful.

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Mexican Kids’ Sizes Chart

In Mexico, children’s clothing is typically reliant on the child’s age. For example, pants are often sized from 4 to 16 for children, shirts are typically sized S to XL with age equivalents for each size, and dresses for females are likewise sized according to age, typically 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14. Here is a detailed breakdown of Mexican kids’ sizes.

Mexican Kids’ Sizes: Clothing Size Charts – Mexico to US Dresses (Men&Women)

MexicoUSBustWaistSkirt Length
6657 cm (22.5in)40 cm (16in)26 cm (10in)
66-760 cm (23.5in)42 cm (16.5in)28 cm (11in)
87-863 cm (25in)44 cm (17.5in)30 cm (12in)
109-1066 cm (26in)46 cm (18in)32 cm (12.5in)
121169 cm (27in)48 cm  (19in)34 cm (13.5in)
1412-1472 cm (28in)50 cm (20in)35 cm (14in)

Tops and T-Shirts

5-6622.5″ (57 cm)16″ (40 cm)
7-8723.5″ (60 cm)16.5″ (42 cm)
8-10825″ (63 cm)17.5″ (44 cm)

Pants and Jeans

MexicoUSWaistChild’s HeightPants Length
6-7XS(24)42cm (16.5in)120-130 cm (47-51in)68 cm (27in)
7-8S(26)46 cm (18in)130-140 cm (51-55in)72 cm (28in)
9-10M(28)50 cm (20in)140-150 cm (55-59in)76 cm (30in)
11-12L(30)54 cm (21in)140-150 cm (55-59in)80 cm (31.5in)

In Mexico, children’s shirts, skirts, and pants are often sized according to age. To ensure you are looking at the correct conversion, you may still want to check the exact brand sizing.